Improve your WordPress website

Improvement is better than delayed perfection.

Is your WordPress site no longer looking like it used to? Or maybe it never looked like you wanted it to?

This is true for so many of our clients. They had a rapid website build experience with another team, and they are left with a WordPress site that they don’t know how to easily handle. OR maybe the site looks funny on mobile devices, and buttons don’t work or things are hidden or missing.

This is normal for WordPress templates older than 2 years. There is a simple answer, and it’s easier than rebuilding the site again in another framework.

Improve your WordPress Website and here are several easy ways to do this.



1. CSS cleanup + mobile Responsive CSS

• Get a Frontend Developer to clean up your website
• Takes 4-12 hours on average.
• Very Important for mobile users (over 50%)


2. Change your Theme

• For less than $75, you can dramatically change your entire website with a Premium Theme.
• Shop well before buying. Sometimes you get a mansion of a site, and sometimes you get a tiny home. This is easy to buy and only takes minutes to test.

NOTE: Pro Install REQUIRES a Frontend Developer / CSS programmer to clean up the new Theme. Frequently on a page-by-page basis. 12-24 billable hours.

• If your site is large, this is way more affordable than moving to a new technology.


3. Speed up your WordPress

• It’s often called Technical SEO, and it matters to Google how your site is several on various platforms.
• Changing your hosting is the #1 way to speed up your website.
• Build a mobile (accelerated) version of your site easily. Create a low bandwidth AMP version, by installing the Google AMP plugin. Google Search prefers sites who have this for mobile users.

NOTE: Pro Install REQUIRES a Frontend Developer / CSS programmer to clean up the AMP layout generated by the plugin.


That’s it. Update and Upgrade and change the theme. WordPress is still the most powerful, most flexible system.

Think of it like a car or equipment. It requires a little TLC every year or two.

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