Hold the vision. Trust the process.


You might sometimes wonder in the midst of the hustle; you ask ourselves these questions. Is this going anywhere? Is it worth it? Are your efforts in vain?

This is one of the trying times to “Hold the vision, trust the process”.

Have you clearly pictured your vision, your goals? Have you seen yourself reaping what you have envisioned? Vision has to do with sight, with a crystal-clear picture of your goals or your life’s purpose. In the days that self-doubt visits, remember to focus on your purpose. May it be about your career, relationships, wealth, health, or life in general? Hold the vision.

Have you tried flying, and suddenly a detour was announced? What is your initial reaction? Impatience for delayed arrival to destination. Upset for the changes in travel plans. These are momentary and fading emotions. Just like in life’s trail, there are unforeseen reroutes, delayed arrival to destination, and last-minute changes to life’s plans. You just got to learn to accept and embrace the circumstance with the faith that these will lead to your vision. Trust your journey in the face of challenges. Those pitfalls may serve as learning experiences that will strengthen you more and prepare you for that greater purpose you’ve envisioned. Trust the process.

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