Design is a language


Design is a language.

Have you talked to someone but did not get the message across? What could be the communication barriers? Effective communication is beyond exchanges of information, but about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the message. Do you want to communicate better? Learn the language of someone you are talking to. Language is the means to express ideas or feelings through speech, writing, actions, or visuals through designs.

Illustrations and designs are straightforward. Yet, it is subjective and is influenced by the interpretation of the spectators, based on their personal opinions, feelings, beliefs, and experiences.

Design language helps users perceive and comprehend visuals but with consideration to the user experience, through interactive interfaces, style, and typography. The consistent visual design of your website serves as branding as well.

Getting your message across in different languages and different conveyance is tough. It is important to build a design to establish brand identity and to promote a valuable user experience.

Need any help in breaking language barriers through design? The WPSuperheroes are on standby. Message us.

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