People values relations, stories and magic


People buy Brands and Brand Stories.

Simplified significantly, we buy into stories. Stories that make us feel a connection through shared aspirations and afflictions.

This is important. People connect with your Brand through shared ASPIRATIONS and/or AFFLICTIONS.

How does your website communicate this?

Your new customers purchase based on their emotional response to your product and multimedia marketing. Do you have an interactive element on your site?

How do they feel when they interact with your brand? Do they feel wonder and amazement? Do they feel valuable and exclusive?

The quality and price of your products and services might similar to your competitor. What defines you online is the User Experience (UX) for your potential customers.

Do they feel cared for their time and focus through clear beautiful design and animated interactive elements?

Where is their perspective in your marketing? What if you FLIP their PERSPECTIVE by adjusting your Call to Action design?

Most customers are Mobile now. Is your WordPress site PERFECT on Mobile?

I’ve thought about A/B testing a few new pages on our site.
The site is good but maybe a homepage upgrade or a new Theme.

Time to get busy on our site.
Contact us if you want us busy on YOUR project.
We also build on Shopify and Webflow.

Over and Out.

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