WooCommerce Drip Integration with Product IDs

A quest for best email marketing

It all begins on a sunny afternoon in Boulder, Colorado. Our team is searching for the finest automated email marketing system available on the internet. What automated email marketing system is the easiest? What has an intuitive user design and advanced trigger automation to keep us connected with WordPress Superheroes? I appeared into our browser, there she was… The beautiful, well developed automated email marketing platform called Drip. They have just recently acquired by LeadPages, quite a well-renowned company in the industry of digital marketing.

So here we were staring at one of the best-automated email marketing systems in the face ready to take Drip on to be our number one go-to platform for delivering high-quality contents to our clients’ inboxes. We set forth on our journey as WordPress Superheroes to acquire the knowledge and technology to begin implementation of this automated email marketing platform: Drip By LeadPages. After diligent research, we found the Woocommerce had recently developed an integration plugin to attached to the back end of our WordPress website on Woocommerce. ‘Woocommerce + Drip’ was the name. It seemed to solve all of our issues of integrating into Drip from Woocommerce… or so we thought.

We uploaded the Drip Email Marketing Plugin into our WordPress website to attach the tracking codes to our web pages. Great, simple enough we now have our Drip account tracking our website analytics. Wonderful! Next step, integrate Woocommerce event information into our Drip account to be able to set up our automated triggered emails to our clients who purchase our products. We uploaded Woocommerce + Drip and set up our API and all the settings to connect our Woocommerce Events into Drip.

It was time to put the system into testing.

At first, the system was very confusing, when I went to choose a trigger: Woocommerce was nowhere to be found. How was a supposed to trigger an email to a specific product if Woocommerce is not available to be a triggered operation in Drip?

After hours of trying to communicate with a Drip Representative, we figured out you must use Drip as the trigger and specify it to be triggered by a custom event being performed. It made sense now. I should be able to use a custom event to trigger this email defined by the product id filter coming through from Woocommerce into my Drip account.

We performed a few test purchases and reviewed the data being transmitted into our Drip Account. There was no data allowing us to connect the workflow to a specific product. How can this be? Woocommerce + Drip documentation shows that when a purchased product event occurs Drip will automatically create a custom field in the account to recognize the product id. But, no such data or updates ever occurred when performing these test purchases from Woocommerce.

So here we are, searching for answers when there are none to be found.

Even after days of communication with a Drip representative that takes hours to receive a response we still have no answers on how to properly get this system hooked up from Woocommerce. We even tried to communicate with WooCommerce and have yet to receive any answers about their plugin and why there is no product identification data coming through to our Drip account. At least Drip is communicating with us. WooCommerce is yet to respond.

For an automated email marketing platform that is so well developed and advanced no to have superior customer response time and clear documentation into integration between Drip and Woocommerce is just baffling. Drip, we hope you understand that 27% of the internet is run on WordPress and millions of those websites are using WooCommerce as their eCommerce platform.

So, here we are in search of alternatives until we can find some clear and concise documentation of how to properly set up this platform.

Your’s Truly,

WordPress Superheroes

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Hi, I just purchased the Woo Commerce Drip plug-in and I’m running into the same problem. Did you find a way to make it work? Did you ever hear back from Woo Commerce?

The woocommerce integration was developed by woo, not drip.
This plugin leaves everything being wanted, Registration information send, order updates, other triggers. It just baffles me that the plugin costs that much to send such limited data about a purchase.

Anyways, I just integrate everything I want via Zapier. Zapier covers almost every trigger I would need;
…This saves me the hassle of hand coding in a bunch of API hooks into woocommerce buttons :\
– although API data could become far more useful for marketing.

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