Common WordPress Issue: Broken WordPress?


It’s not only WordPress. Whether you are on Shopify or Squarespace, WordPress, or Webflow. It doesn’t matter. Websites are complex, technical, and easy to mess up. 

Thus, we take particular care that our Superheroes are a minimum of 2 years full-time WordPress trained before they can work with us on our client’s sites. 

And YES, there are several Common Issues with WordPress websites. Here’s how to solve a few of these common issues quickly. 


Not receiving email from WordPress contact forms
This is a sneaky one. Often, no errors, and false positives. It doesn’t show until later. 

• Use a SMTP plugin and route your mail through Gmail or other major SMTP platform.
• Use ContactForm7 + Flamingo to store a copy of the emails in your site database, as a duplicate backup.


Layout changed, I didn’t change it
This happens on WordPress, due to updating core, plugins, themes. Frequently it’s the Theme or Plugin code modified by the original website builders, but not always.

• If you are not a programmer, you might [contact WP Superheroes] to fix the layout. $49 for 30 min.


Wonky WordPress on mobile devices
This happens on WordPress, due to OLD core, plugins, or themes.

• Get a Frontend Programmer to fix your theme with Mobile Responsive CSS.
• Get a new modern theme, since recent WordPress themes are prioritized for mobile displays.
• Test your website using BrowserStack, for Real Device testing.


Websites are complex, SEO is complex, and Social Media design takes skills. 

Thus we have a job and purpose. We are a web studio. We are a digital marketing agency. We are a team of WordPress Developers, Content Producers and SEO Marketers. 

We elevate brands through lifting their online presence and we are standing by, ready to help you fly.
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