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Our story begins…

In January 2017, a group of 5 Super villains hacked 1.5 million WordPress pages in a 24 hours period. Completely fixing the vulnerability in WordPress REST API took the WordPress team the following 2 months. In the 6 months following this stunning attack, copycat hackers hacked an additional 2.5 million WordPress pages.

All of these attacks uploaded files to the server and manipulated the database records. This is a full website security breach. The WordPress core team was understandably very quiet and diligent about fixing this…vulnerability. They softly called it an important update and security vulnerability.

WP v4.7.1 to 4.7.5 were all security fixes. Our security team calls it like it is, the largest widespread website hack in history.

There are about 1 billion hack attempts per month on WordPress websites. This is a dramatic increase from even 1 year ago. Super villains with hackbots and nests of malware, are poised and actively attacking every WordPress website. Are you secured and shielded?

Maybe you are lucky and you can use more WordPress SEO and the super villains don’t know about you yet, and maybe your WordPress website is already hacked. Less than 1/1000th of the hacked websites have been abused… yet. There’s nothing quite like a customer going to your website and running into Pharma-hack pages.

The current threat level for WordPress websites is
Red: WordPress security risk is imminent.


Even if you haven’t been infected yet, you need this. We first SuperScan your website, uncovering 100+ detail points and report back with you.

We watch like a hawk to ensure your website is up 99.9% of the time. Sleep well, our heroes are watching over your website,
Virus Hack

We clean up all WordPress security hacks, squash any malware, and return to you a secure WordPress website, tightened and ready for a dangerous world.

We provide you with daily/weekly/monthly cloud backups of your database and website. Breathe easy, your website is safe in our arms.
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Get our Superheroes focused on speed and uncover the possibilities of you having a really fast-loading website. When you subscribe to our WordPress Support, we guarantee a GT Metrix ‘A’ ranking.
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We can SuperBoost you into those top page ranks. We start with collecting reviews and writing blogs. Next we optimize and refine your website content, focused on increasing your website conversions and delivering stunning reports to your inbox.

We believe WordPress security starts with supreme WordPress hosting. We make it unfriendly for Supervillains and easy for you with free website migrations. Next up: Speed increases and cloud backups.
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