WP Superheroes Saves the Day!

Tell us a time when you saved the day.

The Emergency WordPress Superhero line RANG yesterday and we had a hot issue. Well, maybe more of a Spicy issue.

{ – a woman’s voice rang out – }
“The Old Blind Dog’ BBQ Sauce – SSL is GONE. Mysteriously deleted, and the store is throwing “Not Safe” errors into the browser!”

And the site was on a discount host, and their support takes 6-12 hours. And then they send in defeated customer support when the task requires energetic technical support.

And applying a new SSL was not working from the Hosting Admin. The web manager had tried several ways to fix this site. The errors were blinding and the timetable was getting shorter. Customers were receiving the “Not Safe” error when visiting the site and store.

If it feels like all pathways you know are exhausted, or if you are tired of waiting for something to be solved… our WordPress Superheroes are standing by, ready to FLY FOR YOU.

And FLY we did. The call was routed to me and I landed quickly on the scene. I listened closely and diagnosed the issue. We took the site back to stable and then reinforced the SSL Certificate with a few cool tricks.

Yesterday we saved the day. Today is a new day.
The Emergency Line is 720-772-9972.

And we have Superheroes standing by.

~WP Superheroes~
We’d be honored to build/support your website with you.

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