The Internet is a big and hazardous place right now. There are Supervillains with nests of malware and servers crawling with hackbots. There are hundreds of foreign hack teams positioning for worldwide website control. And let’s not forget that nerdy 14-yo down the street who received his first computer when he was 5. Half of all successful WordPress hacks occur from within the U.S.A.

Our Heroes are actively scanning the Interwebs, searching for hacked WordPress websites.
Did we find a page on your site with one of the following names in the title?

By SA3D HaCk3D
hacked by NG689Skw
hacked by BALA SNIPER
Hacked By TheWayEnd
Hacked By GeNErAL
HaCkEd By RxR HaCkEr
Hacked by White HAt Hacker
Hacked By HolaKo
Hacked By XwoLfTn
HaCkeD By Dr.Silnt HilL
hacked By Fallag Gassrini
Hacked By W4l3xzy3
Hacked By D.R.S Dz Team
hacked by 3needan
Hacked By Mr Secret
Hacked By An0n 3xPloiTeR

We have heavy news for you.
You have been hacked.

You or your web admin may already know this.

We have found through services offered by Google that “hacked by …” was posted on millions of WordPress pages. This defacement hack is easily found and removed, yet doing this does not mean that your website is secure. Online security scans are garbage and do more harm than good.

Read about the 1.5M pages hacked in 24 hours.

Learn more about how to secure a WordPress website here. (pending)

Learn why online security scans do more harm than good

If you have been hacked, there are concerns like Trojans, backdoors, and databases recording customer data on your website right now. Stolen customer data can be a legal tar pit if not attended to promptly.

Here’s what we know.

    • If you received an email from us, your WordPress website requires maintenance and a server-level deep security scan.
    • If your WordPress sites has an infected page, you have been completely hacked.
      • Online WordPress security scans are limited and can only scan 1%.
        • 99% of a hack is hidden from view.
    • Leaving a defacement hack on your site not only poisons your URL, it pollutes the whole IP neighborhood.

We can fix your site. We offer a server-level security scan and guarantee your site clean forever with our WordPress support. WP Superheroes protects and shields your WordPress website from malicious hackers and unexpected downtime. We work to ensure that your site is in a good IP neighborhood, cleaned of all previous hacks and safe for your customers and users.

  • Do you want to WIN on the search engines? All Websites require care and attention to grow.
  • Has your website has been sliding downhill since it’s been built? Are you a good web neighbor? 
  • If you have been doing very little on your website, if you are not on WP SuperShield hosting, your website garage door might be open in a sketchy and dangerous neighborhood, and you might not have known this. Most web builders don’t know this. 
  • In our Honor plan, we shield, strengthen and SpeedBoost your website, so your online presence has posture and position for growth. There are 30 little tasks after a site is built that make a big difference in how search engines see you. Web growth is an ongoing list of tasks to solidify your online presence.
  • In our Prestige Plan, we offer a flexible path for steady online web growth. In our Superhero Plan, we offer 10+ Superhero hours per month so your website has trajectory to fly.

We start with a SuperScan™ of your website. We offer you this powerful detailed report for free, to easily open a conversation between us a detailed scan of your website presence.

If you have any questions about this or anything else related to WordPress, we invite you to post a comment below or contact us here.

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[…] Yes, a defacement hack is a real hack. Defacements are frequently accomplished by juveniles using custom automated hack tools built for state-sponsored hack teams and security professionals. It varies from a sophisticated hack because the hackers are using their prowess to infiltrate a computer system to write a clumsy personal message. Learn more about WordPress hacked by … messages. […]

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