Boost Your Creativity and Personal Productivity with 5 Simple Steps

  1. Figure out what makes you motivated.

Address the things that make you unmotivated and try to fight them head-on. Sometimes we procrastinate to avoid starting the task, but once you get started you’ll probably get in the zone. You have to get into ‘the flow’, an idea coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. It describes the feeling of being immersed in work and feeling time slipping by quickly. To achieve ‘the flow’, you have to face the challenge head-on in order to increase productivity.

  1. Set goals & deadlines

Get ahead and organize your tasks to provide you with more than enough time to just meet deadlines. Set small goals for yourself every few days to give all of your projects enough attention. This way, you’re able to get done a little bit at a time, which is definitely a plus. You’re certain that you have enough time to get everything done and you can set realistic goals to ease the stress that comes with it all. When in doubt, put it on your google calendar.

  1. Have You Tried the Six Thinking Hats Technique?

This technique offers you different perspectives on any problem. If you’re struggling and feel like going back to the drawing board is your best option, this could be the method for you. You’re able to look at cold hard facts, alternative ideas, unintended negative outcomes, and even ideas you never considered. Looking at all the possibilities could be a great way to see other solutions.

  1. Talk it Out

We’ve all been there. You’re just engaging in some political talk with your buddies, and all of a sudden you find the solution to cure homelessness. Ok, no. But, great ideas do sometimes come from just talking things through. For instance, when you watch a movie for the second time you become aware of things you were unable to see the first time. It’s just that now, you’re seeing something new. When you hear the same things over and over again, you might be able to gain some insight into a new solution. Talk the problem out with your teammates and see if they can help you find an answer.

  1. Do Nothing.

Sometimes our greatest ideas come to us when we’re not sitting down to work. If you’re finding it difficult to come up with something, just take a break. Remove yourself from your problems, do something you enjoy, and try again. Alan Cohan once said, “There is a virtue in work and there is a virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither”.

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