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Landing Page Redesign & Copywriting

MBF Senior Care
Landing Page Redesign
WordPress, Web Design, Lead Conversion, Landing Page Redesign
WordPress, Jquery, Javascript, CSS, HTML5
GT Metrix 'A' Ranking, WordPress SuperShield, WordPress Hosting, Prestige SEO Plan

Where it began:

At first, MBF Senior Care came to WordPress Superheroes seeking online presence assistance. They were receiving a steady stream of online leads but were in search of securing a wider range of the marketplace. Our first efforts were focused on the transfer of Adwords Management. We created 4 new campaigns, partitioned by geographic market and Network (SEO Tip: Always separate your Google Adwords Search Network and Distribution Network advertising).

Upon inspection of the Google analytics, we uncovered the client’s obstacle. Their beautiful website and landing pages had an enormous bounce rate. Beautifully designed pages that are performing sub-par. It’s often a mystery of web design when this occurs.

“If you have a bounce rate above 70%, you have a web design problem. The solution is a website redesign. “

These pages directed the users to select their region. It turns out that web users searching for senior care want their first experience with a brand to be an alignment of values and imagery, not a “choose your location” question. This thought process is a logical process, and thus gapping on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Web user behavior analysis shows that we as global citizens prefer to surf by EQ.

The solution is to rebuild the frontpage of the website and create a fresh, modern redesign focused on emotional alignment.

What we did:

After our in depth analysis of the ad campaign analytics and current landing page review we approach the project with a clear vision. We began production into creating

We rebuilt the platform using an updated wordpress framework and theme. We migrated the content, rewrote the linking structure carefully watching/caring for search engines, and delivered a 10x times faster, hardened webcore, ranked at GTMetrix with A’s across the board.

Usability & Design 90%
Programming 50%
UI/UX Testing 65%
Database Handling 35%
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Client Review
Kim DeVargas Winblood
MBF Senior Care

We’ve been very happy with WP Superheroes. Ryan is great at really listening to our goals and implementing a plan to help achieve those goals. His team is passionate about what they do.