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Maria's Place
Website Design Build
WordPress, Web Design, Paywall Programming
WordPress, TinyPass Paywall, Jquery, Javascript, CSS
  • GTMetrix ‘A’ Ranking
  • WordPress SuperShield
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Superhero Plan

Where it began:

Their last WordPress website was piled full of plugins and CSS files without strict discipline for watching the load on the web server, thus the websites were slow and sluggish and full of too much code.

What we did:

We rebuilt the website using the most recent WordPress framework and theme. We migrated the content, rewrote the linking structure carefully mindful for search engines, and delivered a 10x times faster, hardened website, ranked at GTMetrix with A’s across the board.

Our Process

We built a membership site with video and PDF content protected with an integrated metered paywall, similar to the New York Times. This technology allows for x number of free views per month along with special permissions for individual articles, content, and users coming from social media sites.

We utilized relaxed Agile methodology, navigating the build process sprints through power meetings with our clients and powering through long hours and adhering to a tight production timeline.

What we learned:

This was a solid-gold subscription site WordPress build, accomplished in a 1 month time.  Transferring the content from one site to the next was well-planned and relatively easy.

The TinyPass WordPress metered paywall integration offered us a number of hurdles to leap over. Read more about our TinyPass WordPress Paywall review here.

Tuning the site was easy and with all the time we spent in planning the build, we prioritized Load Speed and User Experience, testing the site daily across Google PageSpeed and Google ySlow.

Usability & Design82%
UI/UX Testing45%
Database Handling 35%

offered us the opportunity to rebuild their content-based, membership website. Maria’s Place is local social-impact company and provides Senior activity ideas and community connection for caregivers, and we leapt over a building at the opportunity to work with a female-led social-impact company from right here in Colorado.

This is an ongoing project for us. Coming up in the near future we’re looking at building an Automated marketing system included with the sign-up which responds with brand narrative emails to every user registration.

We had a amazing and smooth time working with Nichole and Maria on the MariasPlace team.

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